International Relations at UP13
The University of Paris 13 places great importance on international relations. With over a hundred partner universities around the world, in both research and teaching, the University offers its students numerous possibilities for studying overseas and is working to establish joint diplomas with its partners.  Equally, the University also invites some 80 high-level researchers to its laboratories every year, offering students a chance to make scientific contacts through the research laboratories.

These insights into other university models and other types of education, other cultures and experiences, are valuable not only personally but also professionally, as a stepping-stone into the world of employment. Rounding out your course with a semester or a year abroad can prove a valuable asset when looking for employment, and enables students aiming at a career in research to supplement their initial training. It is also an excellent means of making your CV more attractive and improving your level in a foreign language, a vital skill in any professional career plan nowadays.

The University of Paris 13 provides assistance in your dealings with overseas universities and suggests destinations as part of established cooperation programmes (Erasmus for Europe, Micefa for the USA, Crepuq for Canada, among other possibilities).

The International Relations Service also helps you with the formalities necessary to apply for a grant.

In return, here at UP13 we have established a tradition of welcoming international students and researchers. In this 2010-2011 academic year, some 100 foreign students have opted to study here. This is an essential element in promoting the reputation of our University abroad, which in turn contributes to the value of the courses followed by foreign students in France.

The University of Paris 13 already has numerous contacts around the world thanks to the many conventions and bilateral agreements it has entered into, and is continuing, though PRES Sorbonne Paris Cité, to expand its international presence, with particular emphasis on emerging nations that are playing an increasingly important role in the world.

Solange Montagné Villette
Vice-President, International Relations