Vie étudiante
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La vie étudiante à l'UP13, c'est tout ça

Studying abroad
Discovering other countries, languages and cultures is both personally rewarding and a much appreciated addition to any CV. The University of Paris 13 takes part in exchange programmes that involve spending part of the academic year abroad, in Europe, North America and elsewhere. Whatever your plans, you can contact the European and International Relations Service (SREI).
Accommodation: Loca-Pass aid scheme

You may be entitled to the Loca-Pass aid scheme

Loca-Pass consists of two forms of housing aid

• an advance of the sum required for the rental deposit

• providing a guarantee (Loca-Pass guarantor).


Loca-Pass advance (rental deposit):

All students are eligible to apply for this advance to finance the rental deposit on rented accommodation.

An application (in full) must be submitted before or at the time of signing the lease. The

Loca-Pass advance is interest-free and repayable over a maximum period of three years.

Loca-Pass  guarantee:

The guarantee is available to students on State grants or students under the age of 30, salaried employees or interns receiving remuneration. The organisation acts as guarantor for the tenant’s payment of all sums due to the landlord. The guarantee covers 18 months of rent and associated charges. It can be invoked by the landlord as from the first missed payment. An application (in full) must be submitted before or at the time of signing the lease. The deed of guarantee must be attached to the lease.

The Loca-Pass is free, and there are no handling fees.

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