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Are you a foreign student who wants to study for a semester or a year at Paris University 13?
There are several opportunities available to you.

  • Erasmus and other student exchange programs

    Paris University 13 maintains over 450 cooperation agreements throughout the whole world, 260 of which are signed with European institutions within the framework of the ERASMUS program. Most of them give students the possibility of mobility within the framework of a student exchange program.

    If you have been selected by your home university to participate in an Erasmus student exchange program or within the framework of another program, click this link to learn more about the application procedure.

    Contact the European and International Relations Services

  • Foreign students wishing to study at Paris University 13

    If you wish to study at Paris University 13, you must follow a different procedure depending on your profile and what you plan to study.
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  • Finding accommodation in the Paris region is not an easy task and we advise you to inform yourself as much as possible on this topic before you come to France.

    For students on an exchange program only

    The European and International Relations Services can help you to find a room in a student hall of residence managed by the CROUS. Since the number of available places is very limited, we are unable to provide every student with accommodation.

    Students on an exchange program will be sent an application form for accommodation once we receive their student application. You must complete and return the form by a means of your choice (e-mail, fax or post) as soon as possible. Applications will be processed in the order they are received (the faster you respond, the greater your chances of obtaining an offer of accommodation).

    You will receive a response by e-mail in July. If you want to accept the offer of accommodation, you must reserve the room by paying an advance on the rent and a security deposit.

    For enquiries regarding accommodation, contact

    Learn more about accommodation